How to make a Lego Minifigure Head Cake Pop: Photo Tutorial

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own Lego minifigurine head cake pops. First, though, you will need to bake, let cool and crumble a cake. Then mix the cake crumbs with your favorite icing.

The consistency should be such that you can form a ball without it crumbling but not so moist that it it doesn’t hold its shape or falls off the lollipop stick when dipped.

The complete troubleshooting guide on the do’s and don’ts of cake pops.

It’s a bit of an exact science so you may want to do a dry run before continuing on to the next stage.

Awesome! How to make a Lego Minifigure Head Cake Pop: Photo Tutorial over at

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  1. Use a liquid measuring cup for the liquids and a dry measuring cup for the cake’s dry ingredients to ensure accurate measurements. Variations throw off the liquid-to-dry ratio that can make the cake crumbly rather than moist.

    • Hi, Susan,
      Candy melts are little round chocolate/candy melting wafers. I use either Mercken’s or Wilton’s. I use them only for cake pop and they can be finicky but make for a fun treat-on-a-stick! Can be used also for home-made molded chocolates.

    • Hi, Anna,
      It depends on the amount of cake you use. I used cake scraps from previous baking and made about 24. If you make the cake pops from a cake recipe (whether a box mix or from scratch) you should get about 36-40.

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