Seven Little Monkeys Co-founders, Erica & Laura
Seven Little Monkeys Co-founders, Erica & Laura

Seven Little Monkeys was launched in 2013 by Aurora, Ontario moms, Erica and Laura who, together with their husbands, have a combined seven children.

And with seven children come seven birthday parties each year (well, technically SIX parties since the twins share theirs, though they each have their own theme). As a result, with each passing year, new birthday theme ideas keep popping up. Self-proclaimed experts, Erica & Laura have combined their talents in all things birthday-party-related in order to simplify the process for York Region parents planning their child’s birthday party.

Whether it is custom birthday invitations or kid-friendly venues, loot bags or cakes, DIY craft ideas or how-to video tutorials, Seven Little Monkeys has everything you need to plan the ultimate birthday.

Also, because we also like to party it up, grown-up style, we will also offer a section on adult-themed parties. And eventually, as our kids get older, we will move into the ‘tween’-themed parties. Oy.

Let’s get the party started!

P.S. As we have just recently launched our website, please keep checking back for new party ideas as we continue to update our content. In fact, we invite you to subscribe to our blog via email so you won’t miss out!

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